Businesses Allowed for Foreign Investors in Malaysia

Updated on Monday 12th February 2018

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Malaysia is an attractive location for investors in services as well as other business fields. As the country is distancing itself from an economic activity mainly based on oil and gas exports, foreign investors are starting to explore other business fields. Nevertheless, there are some types of businesses allowed for foreign investors in Malaysia while some business fields are under partial or total interdiction.

Foreigners who wish to find out in-depth details about the key business sectors and the laws governing investments can talk to one of our lawyers in Malaysia.

Investment opportunities in Malaysia

Malaysia is an established exporter and many business opportunities revolve around the exploitation of natural resources and the export of items like palm oil, rubber, wood, oil, and natural gas. The chemical sector is a developed one and so is the tourism sector which presents a high degree of potential for investments.

The Government encourages investment in the country through a series of direct financial incentives and a number of free zones, including industrial and commercial ones, present special conditions for investment. 

Our team of attorneys in Malaysia can give you more information about the conditions for starting a company and the need to apply for special permits and licenses. This is a step that needs to take place before the commencement of the actual business activities and one of our attorneys can help you.

Restricted business sectors in Malaysia

The Government limits the involvement of foreign investors in certain business sectors. This is done primarily in those areas where production is essential for national development. Examples include the automotive industry. Limited access for foreign investors applies to sectors like professional services, architecture, accounting or some financial services.

Investors who wish to hire foreign employees in Malaysia are advised to comply with the regulations for hiring nationals for those jobs that are suited to their qualification.

Contact our law firm in Malaysia for more information about the key sectors for investments and the sectors where business opportunities are fewer or those sectors that are restricted to foreign entrepreneurs.

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