Business Start-up Costs in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 12th October 2016

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Foreign investors who want to open a company in Malaysia need to plan their business according to an available budget and the costs associated with running a company in its early years. Good financial planning can be very important for entrepreneurs and can help a business succeed on the market.

A number of business start-up costs in Malaysia are fixed, while other are calculated according to the type of company, the chosen business field, and the needed equipment or technologies.

The experts at our law firm in Malaysia can offer you guidance and assistance during those early steps. It is advisable to seek adequate legal and counseling and even the help of an accountant in Malaysia. 

The costs for opening a company in Malaysia

The costs for opening a company in Malaysia include those needed to conclude mandatory documents, the fees payable upon document submission and any associated registration costs. A registration fee and a stamp fee apply when registering the company with the Companies Registry. If investors request the help of a company secretary to prepare the incorporation documents. The costs for these services, as well as for post-incorporation packages, can vary according to the company with which the investors work with and the requested services.

A significant part of the overall business start-up costs in Malaysia is represented by the authorized share capital with which the company will start the commercial activities. This initial amount can vary according to the type of company chosen by the investor. A minimum possible value for the nominal share capital can be around 400,000 MYR (or approximately 87,000 euros).

Please keep in mind that these values represent estimated start-up costs. To these initial amounts, the investors can add the costs associated with renting or buying property in Malaysia and the costs needed for office supplies and equipment.

Assistance for company incorporation in Malaysia

The time needed to incorporate a company in Malaysia can be as little as 4 days if all the company documents are in order. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you more information on drafting the company documents, concluding a power of attorney (if needed) and handling other legal issues related to company incorporation.

Contact our law firm in Malaysia if you have questions about the business start-up costs and procedures.