Boat Registration in Malaysia

Updated on Monday 05th December 2016

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Boats and ships sailing in the Malaysian waters are registered with the appropriate authorities. Ships can be registered as local ones or as an international ship. The latter is an option for shipping companies that engage in international trade and under this registration scheme, investors are allowed 100% ownership. 

Malaysia is a tourist destination and also a location that offers great accessibility to investors who are planning on opening a trade business in Asia. Boat registration in Malaysia is useful both for tour operators and for import and export companies.

The experts at our law firm in Malaysia can give you a step-by-step guide on the registration requirements and also on the Maritime Law.

The registration of Malaysian ships

The Marine Department in Malaysia receives the applications for ship registration and also those for ship name registration. The name of the boat or ship must be proposed to and approved by the Registrar of General Ships. The name application must be submitted three days in advance before the one to register the ship. If the name is compliant with the current regulations, the Registrar of Ships issues a Certificate of Approval for Use of Ship Name.

Vessels in Malaysia are registered with the Registrar of Ships for a minimum of six months and no more than one year. applicants must submit a number of documents, among which:
- the declaration of ship ownership;
- the company documents, if the owner is a company in Malaysia;
- the Bill of Sale;
- the Builder Certificate;
- a certification from the Customs Department and others.

Our lawyers in Malaysia can help you with more information about the approved ship names and the forms that must be filled in and submitted for registration.

The registration of international ships in Malaysia

Ships in Malaysia can be registered as international ones with the Malaysia International Ship Registry. This is possible if the ship is owned by a company incorporated in Malaysia and that has its registered office in the country. The vessel must meet certain requirements, including that is must have at least 1,600 gross tons and it must in service for no more than 15 years.

A number of fees are applicable for the registration of ships in Malaysia. 

The team of experts at our law firm in Malaysia can answer all other questions you might have on boat and ship registration and the related laws.



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