RM 50 Million Grant for Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 15th March 2017

RM 50 Million Grant for Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia Image
The Malaysian government has always sustained the commodity industry regarding food safety in the country, and this year there will be RM 50 million prepared and granted to make some changes and developments in this area. Before we enter into details, we remind that our lawyers in Malaysia can provide you with legal services for your company, no matter the activities you are involved in.


Accent on the palm oil industry in Malaysia in 2017

Although it is not that necessary, the authorities in Malaysia continue to remind the importance of palm oil production in the country and the guarantees that come with it on the market. Numerous companies put the accent on quality and safety but there is always a place for improvements, which is why the government will grant RM 50 million to several refineries and companies in Malaysia which deal with the production of palm oil and its derivatives. It is not established yet what companies are suitable for such investments, but the authorities are planning to gather as many as possible, for a better development of consumption and also trading abroad.

As a major palm oil producer, Malaysia wants to improve and to promote this image, and investments in this area were necessary. If you are interested in investing in Malaysia’s important business and economic sectors, we invite you to solicit legal assistance and guidance from our Malaysian lawyers.

Promoting the image of Malaysian palm oil industry

Under the background of Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil Scheme, the main product can be properly promoted, with specific and approved certificates, for a better image of this significant industry. The RM 50 million were in a plan that was proposed in 2015 and that has a deadline in 2018.  In the same domain, the Malaysian government reminds the importance of the relations with North Korea, a significant partner which is quite interested in palm oil and rubber acquisitions, the trading activities between the two countries registering RM 11 million in 2016. Malaysia is trying to introduce its palm oil products in numerous countries, Iran, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan being some of them.

You are invited to contact our law firm in Malaysia for extra details about the main industries in the country to invest in and about the legal services you need for your company registered in the country.