Five Small Business Ideas in Malaysia

Updated on Tuesday 11th July 2017

Five Small Business Ideas in Malaysia Image
Malaysia welcomes foreign investments through a number of business-oriented Government policies. Its market-oriented economy, as well as the presence of a large, international business community, make it easy for entrepreneurs to get started here. Our lawyers in Malaysia give you five small business ideas if you are interested in starting your own business in the country.

Travel agency

Travel agencies in Malaysia offer various types of services and packages to their clients, whether it is for group or family tours, trips in other Asian countries, deals or cheaper flights. Malaysia received more than 26 million tourists in 2016. Tourism businesses need to obtain a license from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Those who cannot open a travel agency can look toward other opportunities are available for small businesses operating in the tourism sector.

Restaurant/ fast food

Malaysia is an Islamic country but there is more to be found here than halal food. Local and international restaurants cater to the needs of their customers. Many of these establishments specialize in serving fish and seafood but small business ideas in the food sector also include starting a small ice-cream shop. The Production and Sale of Foodstuff Regulations and the Food Act are some of the governing laws in the food and beverages industry. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you more information on the laws in this business sector and the special permits and licenses.

Consulting business

Business professionals who want to start their own company can do so by starting a consulting business in their area of expertise. Accountants, lawyers in Malaysia, PR specialists and others can open a sole trader, form a partnership or open a limited liability company.

Fashion store

Tourists and locals alike will show interest in fashion outlets. Local outfits are especially popular with tourists and a investing in a small fashion store can be a good business opportunity. 

Real estate

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative option in many countries. Malaysia is also a popular tourist destination so investing in real estate can mean that you will have a steady income from short-term vacation leases to tourists. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you further details on investments in real estate and other larger projects, such as investments in construction.

You can contact our law office in Malaysia for more details on the requirements for starting a small business.