Employment Increased by 2.1% in 2017

Updated on Friday 06th April 2018

Employment in Malaysia increased by as much as 2.1 percent in 2017, on a year-on-year basis. This was possible after the improvement of the labor market conditions, with the main positive statistical changes in employment being recorded in the fourth quarter of 2017. Our lawyers in Malaysia can help you hire skilled employees and comply with all of the current conditions and requirements for employment in the country.

Labor market conditions improved in 2017

The statistics for the final quarter of 2017 (Q4) show that labor force increased by 0.6 percent compared to the previous quarter. The working age population includes individuals with ages between 15 and 64 years. In Q4, out of the 14.5 million employed individuals, 8.93 were male and 5.55 were female, compared to a total of 14.48 million in Q3 out of which 8.98 were male and 5.60 were female. Thus, it is clear that the number of unemployed individuals was lower in Q4 compared to Q3.

As far as the profile of the Malaysian employee is concerned, almost one-third of the individuals employed in Q4 were skilled workers, primarily form job categories such as managers, technicians, professionals and associate professionals. Most of the employees are part of the service and sales category.

The positive trend for employment seems to have passed into the new year as well. In January 2018, the unemployment rate was 3.4 percent while the total labor force participation rate was 68.2 percent. The number of employees in January increased by 0.3 percent, compared to the final month of 2017.

Hiring employees in Malaysia

The Employment Act is the main source of labor legislation in Malaysia and provides the main terms and conditions for remunerated work for different categories of workers. It includes the minimum monthly wage, the condition for maternity and paternity leave, paid holidays, working hours and other issues.

Our lawyers in Malaysia can help you with detailed information about the labor laws, including the conditions for hiring foreign employees.

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