Dutch and Belgian Investments in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 26th October 2017

Dutch and Belgian Investments in Malaysia Image
Dutch and Belgian investors are showing robust interest in the Malaysian economy. The announcement was made by the country’s International Trade and Industry Ministry who held a seminar during its trade and investment mission the Netherlands and Belgium in October. Malaysia is a country that welcomes foreign investments and has favorable policies for entrepreneurs. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you invest in the country.


Opportunities for Dutch and Belgian investors in Malaysia

After his most recent trade and investment mission in Amsterdam and Brussels, Malaysia’s International Trade and Industry Ministry reinforced the country’s attractive position as an investment hub in Asia. 

During the seminars held in Brussels and Amsterdam in October, a number of investors from the Netherlands and from Belgium expressed their positive investment experienced in Malaysia. The business owners who praised the opportunities for investment in Malaysia run companies that specialize in machinery production and the production of agricultural seeds.

Upon his return in the country, Malaysia’s Minister of International Trade and Industry highlighted the main characteristics that were brought forward by the foreign investors who shared their experiences. These are the quality of human capital available for employment in Malaysia (especially in the machinery production area), the string work culture and the support offered by the authorities and the local investment promotion agencies. The Minister also highlighted the importance of international networking, especially with potential investment partners, for the purpose of enhancing Malaysia’s visibility as a top destination for investments in Asia.

Foreign investments in Malaysia

Malaysia has many characteristics that attract foreign investors, however, perhaps its most notable one is its strategic position in Asia, which can be used by branches and other companies as a gateway to the ASEAN region. 

Belgium and the Netherlands are just two examples of countries that are exploring the business opportunities in Malaysia. Belgium alone is one of the most important investors from the EU. 

You can contact the experts at our law office in Malaysia if you are a Duct or Belgian investor who wishes to know more about the laws and principles for foreign investments.