Chinese Investments in Growing Industries in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Chinese Investments in Growing Industries in Malaysia Image
Malaysia and China could work to diversify the types of investment fields currently targeted by most Chinese investors, a former Investment Development Authority Chief believes. China is Malaysia’s largest trading partner. Our lawyers in Malaysia can help Chinese investors who are interested in the opportunities present in these growing industries. 

More Chinese investments in Malaysia

Malaysia’s former Investment Development Authority Chief recently talked about diversifying the investment fields for Chinese foreign investors in Malaysia. In a speech during a conference held by Deloitte International, the former chief talked about how Malaysia could move beyond the traditional investment field and into the more attractive and growing business sectors. 

Chinese investors are mainly targeting areas like infrastructure and property investments in Malaysia. However, growing industries like biotechnology and high growth technology clusters should become the main focus not only for Chinese investors but for foreign investors in general. The former chief of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority referred to these emerging business sectors as “high-quality investments”.

China is currently Malaysia’s largest trade partner while Malaysia is China’s sixth largest trade partner. Experts believe that the country will manage to attract these types of high-quality investments much faster if it retains its position as one of the competitive countries in the ASEAN region.

Chinese investors in China who are just opening a company in Malaysia can find out more about the investment climate from one of our lawyers in Malaysia.

Foreign investments in Malaysia

Foreign investment is encouraged in Malaysia in most business sectors. The Government has been working on liberalizing most of the investment fields, with more business sectors to be liberalized.

Investors in Malaysia benefit from a number of incentives and biotechnology is one of the industries that is included in the favored industries. 

Investors who wish to know more about the investment climate in Malaysia and about the favored industries can contact the experts at our law firm in Malaysia