Arbitration Court in Malaysia

Updated on Monday 17th October 2016

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Arbitration is the main alternative dispute resolution method used in Malaysia. Disputes in the business and commercial sector are often solved using the services of an accredited arbitrator, provided that an agreement for using this method exists between the parties.

The Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA) is the main venue where cases are solved through arbitration in Malaysia.

Foreign clients who are interested in this alternative dispute resolution method can request legal advice and counseling from one of our lawyers in Malaysia.

Arbitration law in Malaysia

The Arbitration Act in Malaysia is the most important legislative document that governs arbitration proceedings. The Act of 2005 replaced the Act of 1952 and is now in line with the applicable international commercial arbitration laws.

Arbitration agreements allow the parties to use this method in order to solve commercial disputes. In order for such an agreement to be valid, it must be concluded in writing and signed by all of the parties. The agreement can also take the form of an arbitration clause in the main agreement signed between those parties.

The advantages of arbitration include more flexibility and sometimes fewer costs than in the case of court litigation. This method is also quicker in more cases, this is why is largely preferred in commercial and business disputes.

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The arbitration center in Malaysia

The main location where arbitration proceedings take place in Malaysia is the Kuala Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration. The venue is modern and has a large number of hearing rooms, suitable for all types of trials. Video conferencing equipment, court recording, and transcription is available as well as a number of other facilities.

Arbitration has become more popular as an alternative dispute resolution in Malaysia. The process gained more popularity after the Arbitration Act was updated. Today, many business people in Malaysia and company owners choose this process as an alternative to court litigation. Because Malaysia is an international business center and English is widely spread, many arbitrators are fluent in English and offer their services to foreign entrepreneurs.

If you are dealing with commercial disputes in Malaysia or the surrounding Asian region and wish to solve existing matters at the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration you can contact our law firm in Malaysia for detailed information about the process and requirements.